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Industrial Strip Doors ( suited for all your needs! )
We offers exclusive three dimensional drawings, width/thickness charts, linear footage factoring chart and overlap configurations for the light traffic interior doors and heavy traffic exterior doors. The order specifications can be calculated with the given "Determine Linear Footage" instructions.

The given data offers a resource of information that is needed to determine the quantity of strip material. The customers have an option of choosing a 8 or 12 inch of strip material in different sizes in six different overlap patterns based on the door height, location and kind of traffic. It is suggested to apply minimum strip overlap for interior doors, maximum overlap for exterior doors and heavy-duty traffic applications.
Light Traffic Interior Doors Heavy Traffic Exterior Doors


Linear Footage Factoring

Overlap %

Strip Widths 25% 50% 75% 100%
8" 1.75 2 2.5 3
12" - 1.35 - 2
Add 1 Strip
Note: For heavy duty traffic applications,
increase strip size

PVC Strip Material Percentage Overlap Patterns


Actuate the Linear Footage
Note: Round figures to be taken for width and height measurements (i.e. 11' 2" should be 12')

Step 1: The required strip width and overlap percentage for the strip door needs to be determined.(see charts and drawings above).

Step 2: Ascertain the linear footage factor using the numbers given.

Step 3: Multiply the linear footage factor by the strip door width (in feet) and you get the number of strips required for the strip door.

Step 4: The number of strips required is to be multiplied by the strip door height (in feet) and you get the the number of linear feet of strip material required for the strip door.


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